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Website Design

With multiple ways to communicate, it doesn't matter where in the UK you might be; our services are available for everyone living within the United Kingdom.

Accepted methods of communication are: Skype, email and phone call.

Our website design work includes the guarantee that your site will be up to your standards, if not higher. As an independent website design company, we work hard to supply our customers with the website that they paid for.

We are able to work around budgets so feel free to contact us for further information.

Websites start at £300 which half of the costs are required to be paid upfront as a non-refundable deposit to secure our services.

We always recommend putting the website onto the server that we can provide as we know that your website will definitely be safe from hackers due to our hosts skills and experience. The server costs also includes server updates and if there are ever any server problems, we aim to fix them within 24 hours of being made aware of the issue.

Prices vary depending upon what you need from your website. If your website has a lot of video and image content, it will require a lot of space which means the space on the server will be taken up more and the server will eventually need to be upgraded to accommodate other websites.

The server costs start at a non-refundable and non-negotiable upfront price of £150.

Website Editing

Have a site which requires a simple text and/or image update?
We provide a service for updating information and images on your website as well as proof-reading your information if required.

We can also edit the pages for you so they're more user friendly by simply tidying up the information already provided.

Contact us for further information.

Website Maintanence

If you have a Joomla website that needs to be maintained, you're in the right place.
This includes, though not limited to, moderating your site, add new or update current modules, plug-ins and/or components and even update the website from the backend of the site.

Graphics Designer

We also have a professional and dedicated graphics designer who has kindly provided some example images within the second Gallery slideshow.

These images are also for sale so if you're interested in purchasing one of them, let us know.

Video Editing and Creation

Our graphics designer also has skills in video editing which includes, though not limited to: making your video into a compilation, noise cancellation and inserting graphics.

They can also create videos from scratch to suit your needs.

Send File(s)

As a customer, you will V.I.P access in order to directly send me files straight from the website. This means you won't need to use an email address or any other means of file transfer.

If you need to send us files for work related aspects, I will give you a username, password and the link to logging into the site with instructions on how to send us files.

Free Consultations and Estimates

We offer a one hour free consultation and free estimates per website.

The basics will be covered such as: design, modules and plug-ins you may require or be interested in.

Any questions or concerns you may have can be covered during this time.

Feedback, Advice and Ideas

We offer free feedback, advice and ideas to help you understand the true potential of your site.

We will talk you through what would be best for your website and how you can increase its potential.

The information supplied will mainly be no-obligation advice. It's your website so if you want or don't want something, let us know. We're here to work with you.

Mobile Friendly Sites

Mobile Friendly Sites contain Responsive Web Design which allows your site to work amazingly well with any device such as, but not limited to: an ipad, kindle or android mobile device. This site is using Responsive Web Design; try it out now on any device.

So why would you want this on your site?
Instead of having to spend more money on creating an app for your users along with having to update the app to remove any bugs and problems which you would need to hire someone to complete on a daily basis, Responsive Web Design allows your users to use your site fluently on any device just like they would on an app.

The main reason you would more than likely want this on your site is due to Google Rankings. As of April 2015, Google has stated that websites without Responsive Website Design will be significantly dropped down the Google Rankings, meaning that you will find it much harder to be on the first page and may never even get there. More information available here:

Site Reconstruction

Do you have a website which you feel needs to be more modern and fresh?

Then this service is what you're looking for. We will reconstruct any Joomla websites you may have by giving it a fresh, cleaner look as well as updating any modules, components or plug-ins and more.

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